We have an independent battery testing center that provides comprehensive testing services for you! Whether it's ambient temperature, high-temperature cycling, rate testing, high and low-temperature testing, high-temperature storage testing, or EIS/CV testing, we can meet your needs. Our reverse analysis experimental plan covers various dimensions, including non-destructive testing, disassembly analysis, size, capacity, internal resistance, EIS, rate, high and low-temperature analysis. Through techniques such as capacity testing, SEM, EDS, Mapping, CP, TG, GC-MS, ICP, we conduct in-depth reverse analysis, including elemental analysis and morphology analysis. Finally, we prepare detailed reverse analysis reports, combining market conditions to provide you with research and development directions. Choose us for reliable testing and limitless innovation!
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Reverse analysis
Reverse analysis: assist customers to analyze the polymer / organic components in mainstream power batteries

1. Experiment scheme: first conduct nondestructive testing (size / capacity / internal resistance / EIS / ratio / high and low temperature, etc.), and finally conduct disassembly analysis

2. Implement reverse analysis: gram capacity / SEM / ED S/Mapping / CP / TG / GC-MS / ICP and other means

3. Write the reverse analysis report: give the customer research and development direction according to the market situation

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