Equipment Business: With our self-built high-precision machining center, we possess robust design and manufacturing capabilities. We offer comprehensive equipment supply, production line planning, and construction services, including battery assembly lines, pouch cell testing lines, and more. Our aim is to provide complete equipment solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Expect top-quality equipment and professional services that will help you stand out in a fiercely competitive market!
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Coin cell
Our coin cell production line comprises a well-established process that includes material baking, vacuum mixing, slurry filtration, electrode coating, electrode drying, electrode rolling, punching, environmental control, cell assembly, cell sealing, and formation testing. Through precise operations and advanced technology, we ensure uniform coating of positive and negative electrode materials, precise dimensions, and optimal performance. Our production line strictly adheres to quality standards, guaranteeing reliable manufacturing of pouch cells. From material preparation to final testing, our professional production line ensures outstanding performance and reliable safety, meeting the diverse needs of our customers.
Pouch cell pilot line
Our pouch cell pilot line is a highly specialized production line that encompasses key processes such as vacuum mixing, electrode coating, electrode rolling, electrode cutting, electrode stacking, electrode welding, film forming, top-side sealing, electrolyte filling, vacuum resting, vacuum sealing, hot pressing formation, vacuum final sealing, and pouch cell assembly. Through meticulous operations and advanced technology, we ensure the consistency and reliability of the positive and negative electrodes. Each step is carefully controlled to guarantee the stability, reliability, and high performance of the cells. Our pouch cell pilot line meets industry standards and caters to the professional needs of our customers. Whether for research samples or small-scale production, we provide high-quality and highly reliable pouch cell products.
Pouch cell pilot line (200m2)
Our pouch cell pilot line layout has been meticulously designed, as shown in the accompanying diagram, to optimize space utilization, streamline workflow, and control temperature and humidity. This layout ensures high production efficiency, convenient operation, and precise experimental control. The equipment placement is strategically arranged, allowing easy access for operators while prioritizing safety considerations.
Pouch cell pilot line
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Coin cell
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