Leading hardware support for customized battery solutions. Independent prototyping line covers the entire process. Equipped with a soft-pack development line and a -50°C drying room to meet various needs. Two lithium metal pouch cell preparation options provided. Strong R&D capabilities with over 10 years of experience. Resolving 100+ customized projects, serving 50+ clients. Services include material evaluation, R&D contract manufacturing, new system development, and finished/semi-finished products. Breakthroughs in high-temperature, low-temperature, and fast-charging fields. Production and sales of high-quality lithium-ion batteries. Choose us to meet your R&D and production needs.
Customization Hardware
Coin cell preparation line with different machine such as mixing, coating, calendaring, cutting, assembly and testing.
1、Pouch cell pilot line with different humidity control requirement
2、Dry room for other process
3、Dry room for mixing and coating with -30℃ humidity
4、(before electrolyte injection)with -40℃ humidity
1、There are different capacity for mixing(5L,10L and 30L)
2、Dry room for high Ni cathode pouch cell preparation(-30℃ humidity)
3、Different solution to prepare lithium metal pouch cell(glove box with 0.1ppm condition or -50℃ dry room)
Succeed Case
customized types
1.Semi-finished product
Material evaluation
System development
New product customization
Material evaluation
Comprehensive lithium battery material evaluation, covering key materials such as cathode, anode, electrolyte, separator, and conductive additives. Accurate testing to ensure high-performance batteries. Choose us to embark on the path of material innovation!.
System development
High temperature: mine safety helmet Low temperature: outdoor extreme cold applicationFast charging system development: fast charging power bank Water system battery development: new system development.
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